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 We are the voice is a  conservative movement that fights for our small businesses across the nation and inspires people to see their dreams realized by holding business forums and events that motivate people to get equipped trained to be successful in business and we are fighting to take our nation  back to the original foundational roots of 1776 of the united states as a country. The way that we get our message out is by posting on our facebook  page and events and business forums across the nation and our podcast every week and our monthly news letters in fact,  please sign up for our monthly news letters and become a frontline WE ARE THE VOICE CRUSADER. please help us take our country back to the way that our founding fathers gave it to us. WE ARE THE VOICE is a conservative movement that brings common sense back into American politics and challenges the radical leftist socialist beliefs and ideologies and political agenda's in the united states that does not represent the will of WE  the people. We stand for family values, small government,  we support our veterans, we stand for school choice, we stand for conservatives right to the  exercise of their free speech on their universities, we believe in our second amendment rights to keep and to bear arms laid out in our nations constitution, we support our nations military and we support our law enforcement they stand up for us so we stand up for them, we support the exercise of legal immigration under the laws of the united states. we oppose any form of federal or local mandates that takes away or impedes our rights as americans we believe in the freedom of choice such as school choice for families and the choice to own weapons of any kind under the 2nd amendment and self governance, we stand with parents against the tyranical abusive  indoctrination of leftist ideologies and beliefs in our school systems in  this country, we support small businesses because they are the hallmark of what makes this country what it is today, because the constitution gurantees us the right to persue happiness and liberty, dreams are achieved here in the united states  by hard working Americans each and everyday to make a better tomorrow for their children. we believe that our founding documents our constitution and our declaration of independance are not up for interpretation they are fact they are the pillars of our nation , our rights and our freedom,   that are God given. we oppose any form of tyranny in this country in every form and we oppose any politician that embraces socialism, any politician who opposes our 2nd amendment rights, we oppose any politician who impedes in any form OUR freedom of speech and we oppose any politician  who sabotages the freedoms and the liberties that we enjoy and have the right to under our nations constitution as Americans because WE ARE THE VOICE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!   


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